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DRI Sleeper™ bedwetting alarm for safe effective bed-wetting treatment - stops bed-wetting forever!

DRI Sleeper® Eclipse Bedwetting Alarm with remote Wireless Urosensor

New Break-Through Technologies unique to the DRI Sleeper® Eclipse:

  • Special electronicsfor long term battery life of up to 3 years (not 7 days or 1 month as in some other alarms)
  • The Urosensor™ docks on the DRI Sleeper® alarm unit when not being used and engages a second level of the battery saving technology.
  • World Patent Pending Urosensor™ technology – it’s the only non-metal urine sensor ever. So there’s no corrosion by urine, no skin irritation, and easy to clean for instant reuse.
  • The special electronics make the wireless Urosensor™ the thinnest of them all.

Plus all these features:

  • No wires between alarm and sensor.
  • DRI Sleeper® alarm unit size: 80 x 40 x 20mm (3 x 1.5 x 0.75 inches)
  • Designed like a small 'space rocket' for child appeal.
  • High volume with a tamper-proof volume adjustment. Plenty of detecting area to detect the urine.
  • Plenty of detecting area to detect the urine.
  • The Urosensor™ can transmit to more than one DRI Sleeper® alarm unit, and so there can be another receiver in a parent's or carer's room.

How to use the Eclipse Bedwetting Alarm:

1. Put the Urosensor™ in the underwear (inside a minipad is best - click for alternatives).

2. Place the DRI Sleeper® alarm unit on a table away from the bed so the child has to wake completely to turn it off.

3. Switch on the DRI Sleeper® alarm and that's all.

When the Urosensor™ is wet with the first drops of urine, it sends a radio signal to the extra loud DRI Sleeper® alarm unit and triggers the alarm – treatment has begun.

Retail (Inc VAT) : £104.00 each
DRI Sleeper® Excel Bedwetting Treatment Alarm

Need help with your child's bedwetting?

Here's the DRI Sleeper™, the bed-wetting alarm with the unique, super-comfortable Urosensor™ to teach your child to become a dry-sleeper.

Designed by Dr Anthony Page, a treatment expert for more than 25 years, the DRI Sleeper™ is a bedwetting alarm which is the ONLY method PROVEN to stop bed-wetting permanently.

Visit the official DRI Sleeper™ Website For More Detailed Information

With the DRI Sleeper™ you can:

  • stop bed-wetting
  • boost your child's confidence
  • leave behind the hassle of wet beds and daily washing... forever!

Retail (Inc VAT) : £55.00 each
The Alarm Unit

The alarm unit features:

  • Small size
  • Safety Electronics
  • Volume control (we set it to max - the control is internal so your child can't change it)
  • Max alerting sound (we use the sound that wakes the best)
  • Child friendly colors

The Sensor - the key to beating bedwetting

To react to the first drops of urine I designed the world first, patent-pending, flexible Urosensor™.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the sensor is the key to beating bedwetting. Don't be fooled by tiny clips or domes on the underwear, the urine can miss (especially with boys) and not trigger the alarm.

  • The Urosensor™ goes inside the underpants right where the urine hits.
  • Its soft and flexible - no hard plastic clips or domes.
  • There are 9 pairs of sensing strips on BOTH sides for maximum detection
  • There are no metal contacts and so it can't corrode or deteriorate in urine
  • It is completely moulded and easy to clean and dry for instant reuse.
  • There are no connections to break.

Retail (Inc VAT) : £22.00 each
How does it work?

  • The DRI Sleeper™ alarm is placed on your child's shoulder with Velcro (supplied) for maximum waking.
  • All bed-wetters sleep heavily and so the DRI Sleeper® alarm unit is loud to overcome this
  • The Urosensor™ goes inside the crutch of the underwear, and the cord from the Urosensor™ goes up inside the pyjamas or T shirt, and plugs into the alarm unit.
  • Over the next few weeks this teaches your child to wake to the feeling of a filling bladder and go to the bathroom WITHOUT wetting the bed.

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